Southern Company Gas assumes control of Meadow Branch renewable natural gas facility, launches new subsidiary to increase access to sustainable fuel

Southern Company Gas assumes control of Meadow Branch renewable natural gas facility, launches new subsidiary to increase access to sustainable fuel ATHENS, Tenn., May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Southern Company Gas announced that it has taken ownership of the Meadow Branch Landfill Methane Recovery Facility, the renewable natural gas facility located at the Meadow Branch Landfill in Athens, Tenn., from sister company PowerSecure. The facility is now operated by Southern Company Gas Renewables, a n

Southern Company takes foundational leadership role in hydrogen R&D effort to achieve net-zero goals

HyBlend™ initiative will work to overcome technical challenges to blending hydrogen in natural gas infrastructure ATLANTA, Feb. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Southern Company and its Southern Company Gas subsidiary have helped to start a new research and development (R&D) initiative, known as HyBlend, to address the technical barriers to blending hydrogen in natural gas infrastructure and study life-cycle emissions of hydrogen blends. As the leading energy industry sponsor, Southern Company Gas will

Cisco Partner Summit 2021: Key Security Highlights

That’s a wrap #CiscoPS21! Recently, we held our largest partner event of the year, Cisco Partner Summit 2021. That’s one great event packed with global keynotes, region-specific & market insights and a robust portfolio of business impact sessions where partners can learn about the power of Cisco’s end-to-end solutions. Thank you to all who participated and contributed to make it a big success. We are excited to keep the momentum going with our security partners using that collective strength an

POS Security: Protect Retailer and Customer Data

How to Secure Your Point of Sale (POS) System There are many security risks in a retail environment for businesses to navigate through today. POS security is one topic that should not be taken lightly. First of all, what is a POS? Point of Sale (POS) is the space at the store where customers go to make a purchase. They pay for their items at a POS system, which is comprised of the software and hardware used to track the financial transaction. POS system security is a topic that can be complex

What to Know About Processing Fees and Interchange Optimization

Most merchants know they need to be able to accept cards nowadays to make a transaction. However, most don’t really think they have a choice when it comes to the fees that come with processing the transaction. There’s good news actually, for business-to-business merchants, in particular. Depending on a few factors, there’s hope that interchange optimization can get the best rates every time you swipe a customer’s card. We’ll discuss exactly what interchange is and how to get those best rates bel

Merchants can use interchange’s complexity to their advantage

Every merchant knows that accepting credit cards is essential in today’s world. However, myriad pricing options available among hundreds of payment processors, including flat-rate, tiered pricing and interchange-plus pricing, can be complex. It could be tempting to pick the easiest pricing option to understand and move on. But other times, more complex pricing options can really help businesses save money. Whether you are a merchant just starting out or have some experience with credit card pr

The cloud is the POS software host with the most

As a business owner, a crucial piece of the checkout experience is making sure you have the right point of sale for your business. For many retail merchants, having the right POS can save valuable time at checkout, creating an enjoyable in-store experience for your favorite people, your customers. When it comes to finding the right POS, the functionality of the software can be a deciding factor. Cloud-based software has replaced bulky, expensive and almost obsolete servers, which allows SMBs to